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Extended Stay Application

Please take a moment to fully read and fill out the form below

(Do not to refresh the page otherwise progress will be lost)


By agreeing below, I am submitting this form as an application to be considered by The Hitching Post RV Park Management to be a 30-day RV resident in The Hitching Post RV Park . I also understand that a background investigation will be conducted.


I further state by agreeing to the following:

I understand that this is a family RV Park and any of the above found in my background history will disqualify my application and I will not be allowed to reside at The Hitching Post RV Park. At any time if I am found to have any of the above listed in my background, I will be asked to vacate The Hitching Post RV Park immediately and will vacate upon notification.

I authorize the Landlord and their agents, including any collection authority, to obtain further address and employment information, and any necessary background screening information before, during and after the lease term for the purposes of collecting past due lease payments, late fees or any other charges that are owed to the Landlord.

Contact Information


Site Details

Will you have the first month’s camping fee available upon move-in?

Tenant Background

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