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Pet Policy

We aim to keep our park clean, safe, and quiet for all our residents.

Please help us respect our neighbors by following these pet rules.

Welcome to The Hitching Post RV Park! Our goal is to be a pet and people friendly park! The rules below are designed to allow flexibility for those of you who, like us, love our pets without infringing upon other tenants.  

We ask that you please abide by the following rules. These rules are strictly enforced to maintain an environment that is enjoyable to all. 


  1. Cats and Dogs Only: The only pets allowed in the park are dogs and cats, or small animals confined inside an RV such  as fish or small birds. All other pets are NOT allowed in the park.

  2. RV Sites Only: Pets are only allowed in sites with an RV. 

  3. Leash and accompanied: Pets must be on a leash and accompanied at all times. Pets cannot be left tethered outside an RV unattended. 

  4. Non-threat: Pets must not be a threat or a nuisance to other park users at any time, and MUST NOT be permitted to snarl or bark at neighbors or passersby. Continued barking is not permitted.  

  5. No Digging: Pets must not be permitted to dig or otherwise damage and destroy the property.  

  6. Clean-up Required: Pet "accidents" must be cleaned up by their owners immediately. Waste material must be placed in plastic bags, tightly sealed, and removed to the trash dumpster. This rule applies anywhere within  the RV Park boundaries.  

  7. Your Site Only: Pets must not be allowed to enter neighboring sites.  

  8. No Outside Kennels: Outside pens and kennels are not allowed.  

  9. No Loose Pets: Pets running loose, left in neighbors' sites, or left alone will be automatically removed by the County Animal Control.  

  10. No Pets In Showers: The shower house is reserved for guests only, please do not wash off your animals in the showers.

  11. No Pet Bedding In Washing Machines: The washing machine are reserved for guest clothing and bedding only, please do not use them for washing the animal bedding.

  12. Dog Requirements: 

    • Required shots, including rabies inoculation, and a valid license are required for all dogs. 

    • Limit of one (1) dog per RV site, unless authorized by management.  

    • Aggressive dogs will be removed and banned from the THP RV Park..  

    • All dogs will be examined. THP RV Park reserves the right to prohibit certain breeds and sizes of dogs. The following breeds, in addition to other potentially aggressive breeds or dogs that frighten or intimidate guests are not permitted on THP RV Park property: Doberman Pinscher, Pit Bull Terrier or Rottweiler (per insurance rule).  


Management reserves the right to amend these rules without prior notice to residents or guests.  

Thank you!

The Hitching Post RV Park Management

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